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Remediation is project management, construction, demolition, on-site treatment, and transportation services applied to solve environmental contamination problems. Remediation can range from simple soil excavation and disposal to complex programs requiring a combination of decommissioning and characterization or remedial technologies. Combined with investment recovery, American Environmental’s remedial services not only solve environmental problems, close facilities, or reduce wastes – they can generate revenue for our clients.

Remediation varies greatly depending on the type of contaminant, the media that is contaminated (soil, sediment, groundwater), the regulatory agencies that have jurisdiction over the site, the regulatory framework under which the work is performed (CERCLA, RCRA, TSCA, voluntary action, UST regulations, etc.), the customer’s environmental and risk preference, intended future use of the site and many other criteria. Remediation work is typically performed in accordance with site-specific work plans, sampling plans, quality assurance plans, and health & safety plans conforming to local, state and federal requirements, and the work is usually subject to regulatory agency oversight and review.

For these reasons, an experienced remediation team is essential to ensure proper completion. American Environmental has implemented remediation projects and installed remedial systems for soil and groundwater contaminated with a wide variety of petroleum products, low-level radioactive waste, heavy metals, chlorinated and non-chlorinated solvents, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), pesticides and mercury. American Environmental’s experience includes both established remediation methods and innovative techniques that can save the customer downtime and money.


  • Building demolition
  • Civil and Environmental Contracting Services
  • Design of closure plans and post-closure monitoring programs for landfills, impoundments and waste piles
  • Industrial facility cleanup and construction management, on-site observation and testing for medial action or new facility construction
  • Excavation and disposal
  • Site preparation, grading and utility work
  • Rapid response studies for uncontrolled spills of hazardous materials
  • Groundwater treatment and product recovery


  • Pond and lagoon construction
  • Large diameter auger remediation
  • Deep foundation construction, clean-out and closure
  • Landfill construction, management and closure
  • Industrial and commercial site preparation, grading and utility work
  • Heavy construction
  • Mass rock and earth movement
  • Concrete work
  • Facility maintenance
  • Sanitary and storm sewer construction