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Sludge pumping solves difficult sludge conveyance problems. American Environmental’s pumping systems can move large volumes (up to 3,000 gpm) of highly viscous liquids with high solids contents (20 to 40 percent solids by volume with particle sizes of up to 4 inches in diameter). American Environmental has both stand-alone and self-contained units that can be driven directly from the hydraulic system of an air-mover.

The following are examples of materials conveyed using sludge pumps:

  • Fly ash slurry
  • Black or green liquors
  • Coal fines
  • Hydro-thickener sludge
  • Lime slurry
  • Municipal sewage and lagoons
  • Paper mill sludge
  • Alum sludge
  • Sand
  • Clarifier and lift station sludge
  • Oil storage tank bottoms

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