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Tank Cleaning

Tank cleaning involves the removal of sludge and residual products from the interior of storage tanks to allow inspection repair, and/or product changeover. American Environmental offers customers turnkey services that will assist in meeting stringent federal, state and local regulations. These regulations pertain to emission reductions, waste minimization and required inspection/repair intervals. American Environmental’s services include desludging, extraction of solids, gas freeing, temporary storage of sludge, sludge processing, waste transportation and tank demolition. American Environmental has API-Trained Tank Entry Supervisor Project Managers that understand the critical nature of tank cleaning that pertains to API standards.

American Environmental can clean any size tank and process the associated sludge. Several of the more unique processes are described in more detail below. Tank cleaning is usually approached with a “you’ve cleaned one tank you can clean any tank” attitude.” At American Environmental, each tank is evaluated as to what is the least labor intensive, most cost effective, safest and professional approach to cleaning. This “each job is unique” approach is the cornerstone of our business. Through planning and commitment, we will find the safest and most cost-effective solution.


  • Robotic Tank Cleaning
  • Mechanical Waste Removal
  • Hydro Cutting (cold cutting)
  • Seal Removal
  • Roof Jacking and Removal of IFR and EFR’s
  • Pontoon Removal
  • Leg Drilling and Resetting
  • Fluidization of Solids for Fuels Blending
  • Auger and Belts for Solids Removal
  • Sandblasting
  • Dry Ice Blasting