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Degassing Thermal Oxidizer


Thermal Oxidizer (also known as thermal oxidizer, or thermal incinerator, and often referred to as a direct fired oxidizer or afterburner) is a process unit for air pollution control that decomposes hazardous gases at a high temperature and releases heat, water vapor, and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

A direct fired oxidizer is the simplest technology of thermal oxidation. A process stream is introduced into a firing box through or near the burner and enough residence time is provided to get the desired destruction removal efficiency (DRE) of the VOCs. These are best applied where there is a very high concentration of VOCs to act as the fuel source (instead of natural gas, propane, oil, electricity, or some other form of fuel) for complete combustion at the targeted operating temperature.

American Environmental has up to 6000CFM mobile units. Our largest unit can degas a 150’ diameter tank in 4-6 hours, depending on sludge levels. A mobile unit allows us to be flexible in where we can bring our equipment to satisfy all local and state regulations regarding emissions. As degassing becomes required in more locations throughout the United States, American Environmental is ready to support any size project with full turnkey services around degassing tanks, pipelines, and process units.


Often, a mishap has already occurred, and you need the problem resolved now. Not tomorrow, but today. And you need to know with absolute certainty that the company you hire has the commitment, capabilities and expertise to get the job done. That’s where American Environmental comes in. We get the job done right.

With American Environmental, CONSIDER IT DONE.


Safety is our number one priority, and our Thermal Oxidizer is equipped with a detonation arrestor, flame arrestor, knock out pot with mist eliminator pad, and high temperature limit shutdown. An LEL monitor is used to ensure we stay below the mandatory <49% LEL from the process piping equipped with an auto shutoff. American Environmental’ s thermal oxidizers for tank, vessel and pipeline follows the Best available Technology set forth by the EPA. Using the Environmental Protection Agency’s 1400F threshold, our unit’s efficiency for complete vapor destruction is >99%. Utilizing a chart recorder and monitoring system we ensure compliance on every project.

  • Detonation & Flame Arrestor
  • High Temp limit with auto shutoff
  • Self-Checking UV Scanner
  • LEL Monitor with High LEL value shutdown limit
  • Knock out pot with Mist Eliminator Pad
  • Safety Interlock System that has auto shutoff if LEL goes above 49%